Long term careers in Food & Drink

We don’t just find you your dream job; we manage long term careers.

Leader Executive Search can work reactively or proactively on your behalf, depending on your needs and how urgently you would like to secure a new position.

Where possible, we prefer to meet the candidates we work with in order to fully understand you and develop a partnership whereby we can keep you at the frontline of new and exciting opportunities from within the Food & Drink industry.


If you’ve reached the decision that you need to make your next career move,  you might not know the best way to identify and secure the position you want without your confidentiality being compromised. At Leader Executive Search we understand that your confidentiality is paramount, and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Who do you aspire to work for?

Whether your a global FMCG ‘corporate animal’ or you’re excited by working for small to a mid-size fast-growing company, with our industry focus we can give you unrivalled access to the businesses you really aspire to work for.

Our reputation and track record have placed us on the Preferred Supplier Lists of some the biggest names in the Food & Drink industry along with a host of big name brands and manufacturers giving us access to assignment others would miss.

Take the first step today

To discuss your specific requirements in total confidence and to understand how we can help you develop your career today, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.